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Staying healthy while traveling

Many people, including myself, are concerned about gaining weight while traveling. I started off the year with a mini 2 week long winter break in the US. The first couple of days we kept eating out almost every day! Since it was not my first time visiting Virginia, one thing I had thought of before even travelling is selecting the favorite fast food chains I wanted to eat at throughout my trip. My selection included Chipotle, of course, and Five Guys and surprisingly I satisfied my cravings after only eating at these restaurants once.

Whether you are staying at a hotel, someone’s house, or an apartment; here are some tips that I thought I would share with you to help you on your next trip:

1. Never skip breakfast!

I know you have heard these 3 words so many times in your life but I just have to re-emphasize the importance of having a good meal in the morning. I was not staying at a hotel so many of my breakfasts were either scrambled eggs with cucumber, Greek yogurt and fruits, or Greek yogurt on multi-cereal bread with different toppings such as fruits and veggies.

staying healthy while traveling

2. Commit to at least one healthy meal a day

Even if you enjoy eating out; which I do; when your own vacation your body simply gets tired of having almost every meal of the day at a different restaurant. I found most of the food to be either too salty or greasy and it included heavy sauces. So, I started ordering most of the sauces on the side or simply asked for lemon oil dressing for the salads.

healthy while traveling

3. As much as possible, make your own meals

When you’re staying at a hotel this can be a bit annoying but you can walk around to the nearest supermarket and get some cold cuts, fruits, and other things to keep in your room.

In my case, we would try as much as possible to have one meal at home that included quick and easy to cook options such as grilled salmon or chicken breasts in the oven with a huge salad bowl: healthy, simple, fulfilling, and delicious (such meals could also be ordered at restaurants).

4. Carry snacks with you

Snacks on the go are one of the best things to have with you on long tour/shopping days. Healthy snacks such as raw nuts, protein bars, and/or fruits will give you the energy you need to keep enjoying your day.

5. Drink lots of water

When it’s cold, I sometimes tend to forget to drink water. My secret is to always have a bottle of water with me, by doing so I remember to drink water more often and stay hydrated.

6. Walk

Even if you are not working out as much as before because you are on vacation you can stay active by walking as much as possible, taking the stairs, doing some stretches at home in order to keep your body moving… Many beautiful places are discovered when you just walk around a city that you are not familiar with.

Healthy while traveling

I hope you will find these tips useful! I believe that it’s all about the balance; indulge in the foods you love from time to time but also stay active and healthy. Here is where you can put your will power and motivation to a test 🙂

Tips for staying healthy while traveling

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