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The Jetsetter Diaries is a travel and lifestyle blog featuring luxurious getaways, adventure trips and travel tips.

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My name is Asdghik Melkonian and i’m an American-Lebanese travel blogger trying to balance my adventures and real life. I come from a very diverse & multicultural background, which got me jetsetting since I was only a few months old! I’m originally Armenian, but I was born in Lebanon and I’ve lived half my life in USA and the other half in Beirut. I know… crazy mix right?

Here are a few fun facts about me:

1. I can never stay in the same place for too long, which is one of the reasons I decided to become a travel blogger.

2. My extremely difficult name “Asdghik” is Armenian for “Little Star”

3. I currently live in Beirut, Lebanon and no matter how chaotic it gets, I call it my home

4. I’ve traveled to 46 countries and counting!

5. I absolutely adore animals and wildlife (sometimes I like them more than humans).

6. I’ve recently joined the crazy world of entrepreneurship and started my own company. It has been the toughest, but the most liberating journey ever.

7. I’m currently a full time travel blogger and loving it!

8. The aim of my travel blog is to inspire more people to travel the world by offering destination guides, unique travel experiences, travel advice, luxury hotel reviews, travel planning and packing tips.

Female Travel Blogger

Answers to your most frequently asked questions:

How can you travel so much?

I quit my corporate job of 8 years to follow my passion for travel. Even with a full time job, I was the person that my friends and family referred to as the travel addict and always came to me for travel advice. I decided to pursue a life that can give me the freedom and time to travel, while at the same time giving me an income. This is when The Jetsetter Diaries was created.

How can you constantly afford to travel to these luxurious destinations?

If you follow my blog closely then you would think my life is so glamorous as a female travel blogger. Yes, I travel to amazing places, but there is a lot of behind the scenes hard work that happens.

When I first quit my job, I had to do a lot of freelance work on the side to be able to support myself. Everything felt like a roller coaster, because I suddenly lost all the stability in my life including a high paying income. After 2 years of hard work and sleepless nights, my blog finally started generating the proper income for me to be able to quit everything else and become a full time travel blogger.

How do you make money as a travel blogger?

1. My website generates part of my income through sponsored articles, reviews and affiliate links (where I make a small commission from each sale).

2. Social Media: my social media channels reach thousands of readers around the world who are interested in luxury and adventure travel. Brands such as airlines, hotels, fashion brands, travel brands and tourism boards of different destinations who want to market their products or services use the exposure on my social media platforms by paying a fee. I have to mention that I never market anything that I wouldn’t use myself.

3. I offer social media management services and content creation (such as photos, videos, reviews, travel articles) to different brands in the travel industry.

4. I go on press trips to promote certain destinations or travel services where I am paid for content marketing through my blog and social media posts.

What is it like being a female travel blogger from the Middle East?

Well, it’s awesome! When I first quit my job and started my travel blog, a lot of people thought I had lost my mind. It’s not easy to run a business that most people don’t understand. As a female travel blogger from the Middle East, one of my main goals is to inspire more girls to travel to far away places, even if it entails traveling solo.

What are your favorite destinations so far?

Indonesia, Armenia, Thailand, Italy, Maldives, Tanzania, Netherlands.

If you are a travel brand or tourism board and are interested in working together for a press trip, content creation, collaboration or brand partnership, please contact me on: info@thejetsetterdiaries.com

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