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Long flights and layovers can often get the best of you when traveling across the world. It’s important to be well prepared during your journey, so that you arrive fresh and full of energy to enjoy your vacation. This is where Tucker Travel Cover comes in. It’s one of my favorite travel companions during all my flights.

What are the biggest concerns we all have when flying long hours? The lack of space, privacy and of course the very cold temperatures especially in airplanes and airports that make you want to reach for a blanket immediately.

The Tucker Travel Cover is the perfect solution and was designed by frequent flyers to address these issues.

How Does Tucker Travel Cover

Help You Survive Long Haul Flights?

Tucker is a cover that sort of looks like a blanket with a hoodie, but it’s much more than that! It’s made of 100% cotton flannel and stretch fabric with an internal pouch, especially made to tuck in your arms under it. There are long flaps on each side, which you can tuck under your legs and the back stretches around your shoulders, so you can literally wrap yourself in it and keep it in place for long hours.

The hood also has a small pouch on the back side where you can insert an optional removable pillow as neck support. The small pillow is also included with your purchase. Last but not least, there are two little pockets to keep your valuable belongings safe when you fall asleep. Tucker Travel Cover also  comes in a soft washable pouch made of the same materials, which can easily be attached to your luggage.

Here’s some more info on how to use the Tucker Travel Cover:

Tucker Travel Cover

I absolutely love this video which explains how to use it with some humor:

My Travel Experience with Tucker Travel Cover

I got my Tucker Travel Cover right before my last trip and I couldn’t wait to test it out. I had an extremely long journey flying from Beirut all the way to Bali with a total travel time of 23 hours with layovers. I also have a lot of back and neck pain which usually gets much worse on flights because I have nowhere to rest my arms or head.

As I boarded my flight, I realized the plane was completely full, so the two seats next to me were definitely going to be taken. I knew it was the perfect time to try out my Tucker Travel Cover. I inserted the neck pillow and wore my travel cover with the hood. It felt extremely cozy to be wrapped around my cover and I loved the fact that I can rest my arms in it instead of fighting over the armrest with the person next to me. It was so comfortable that I easily fell asleep while resting my neck on the little pillow. The hood made me feel like I had much more privacy and I put my phone and passport in the little pocket inside to keep them safe.

I loved using the Tucker Travel Cover not only during my flight, but in the airport as well during my long layovers.

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