20 photos that prove Zanzibar is absolute paradise

Planning your next island holiday? There are so many off the beaten track beach destinations in Africa that are probably not on your bucket list, but should be added immediately.

Zanzibar is every beach lover’s dream and an absolute paradise. Try to picture a tropical getaway where you can swim in some of the world’s best white sand beaches surrounded with an endless view of palm trees. Zanzibar is not just a picture-perfect beach destination and also offers a rich history, welcoming locals and amazing wildlife.

To top it all off, Zanzibar is very affordable, so you can stay in luxury accommodation, enjoy delicious fresh seafood and go on as many excursions you want without worrying about overspending.

You can fly in to Dar El Salam and take an internal flight or better yet fly direct to Zanzibar (flydubai offers direct & affordable business class flights).

Here are 20 photos that prove Zanzibar is absolute paradise:

absolute paradise Zanzibar

Tulia Resort

Xanadu Resort

island holiday Zanzibar

island holiday Zanzibar] absolute paradise Zanzibar

The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar

The Rock Restaurant

Safari Blue Zanzibar

Safari Blue

Stone Town Zanzibar

Exploring Stone Town

Zanzibar Spice Farm

Mr. Butterfly grabbing a fresh coconut

Zanzibar absolute paradise

Tulia Resort

Xanadu Resort Zanzibar

Xanadu Resort

beach destinations in Africa

beach destinations

beach destinations

Xanadu Resort Zanzibar

beach destinations

Xanadu Resort

Rooftop dinner Xanadu Resort

Zanzibar sunset

Pink Sunsets

Beach destination Zanzibar

Beach destination Zanzibar

Snorkeling Zanzibar

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Zanzibar Beach

7 Reasons to pack your bags and travel to Zanzibar

December 22nd, 2016 thejetsetterdiaries Zanzibar, an archipelago with so much character, history and stunning natural beauty, has been on my bucket list for quite some time and I finally got to experience this slice of paradise this year! This picture-perfect island is a true hidden gem and much more than a pretty beach destination. As I boarded the plane…

Beach Destination Zanzibar


7 Responses to “20 photos that prove Zanzibar is absolute paradise

  • Wow! These photos are incredible… the sand looks so white & even the sky is a bright blue. You’ve certainly succeeded in making me want to go to Zanzibar! 😀

  • Great pictures. It makes me want to buy a ticket immediately. Such a beautiful place.

  • Can’t wait… 2 months and I’ll be visiting Zanzibar! Your photos just make me want to jump on the plane now.

  • O wow your pictures are something else. What a beautiful place. Would love to go sometime 😀

  • Megan Johnson
    2 weeks ago

    I knew I needed to go to Zanzibar, but now I really need to go to Zanzibar haha. The beaches look absolutely amazing! Wonderful pictures!

  • Jacklyn
    2 weeks ago

    These photos are to die for! 😍 I need to plan this trip ASAP!

  • I’ve been to Zanzibar this January and I cannot stop convincing my friends that they should go there because it is Paradise indeed! Your pictures only come to reiterate this!

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