Packing tips: 6 things you should always pack in your carry-on

One of the most important parts of traveling, is arriving to your destination feeling fresh and stress-free. Here are some essentials to keep in your carry-on that will help you in your times of need.

1. All your valuable items

Make sure to always carry valuable items such as cash, jewelry and electronics in your carry-on in case your suitcase gets lost or delayed. The worst thing is to start off your trip worrying about losing expensive things. Jetsetter recommendations: a) have a travel wallet with a zipper and pack it in a safe place b) divide your cash and put it in different places, so in case your wallet/bag gets stolen you still have the rest of your cash hidden somewhere else.

2. Official documents and photocopies

Passports, tickets and hotel bookings are essentials, but keep a photocopy of your official documents with you on the trip to make them easier to replace.

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3. Medications

Never pack your essential medications in your suitcase in case of delay. It’s usually very difficult to get any prescribed medicines from a foreign country, so always keep them on hand.

4. Travel electronics

We can’t survive any travel journeys without our smartphones especially that we rely on them so much to get us from point A to point B during trips. Keep a portable charger with you along with a universal adapter in case you need to charge on the go. Jetsetter recommendations: a) invest in noise cancelling headphones and you can survive the noisiest flights in peace b) get a good camera bag that can also fits your expensive electronics/lenses/GoPro.

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5. A change of clothing & underwear

Have a few items of light clothing and a couple of pairs of underwear with you in case of flight delays, so that you can survive at least 48 hours feeling fresh.

6. Beauty essentials

I always pack a mini beauty kit with travel sized makeup and beauty products. My makeup essentials include: concealer, mascara, tinted lip balm, blush and eyeliner, which are just enough to get me looking fresh after a long flight. My beauty products include: toothbrush, mini toothpaste, wipes and hand-gel. Jetsetter recommendation: be on the lookout for special travel kits that most major makeup brands offer. Usually you can get mini versions of all the makeup you need in small compact sizes. Other great products to have are: 1) a hydrating face mask which you can use on the plane to keep your skin moisturized 2) compression socks to keep the blood circulating and avoid swelling 3) sleeping gear such as an eye mask and a travel pillow.

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The perfect carry-on:

Last but not least, we all need a practical, durable yet stylish carry on. Here are some amazing finds for all price ranges:

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10 Responses to “Packing tips: 6 things you should always pack in your carry-on

  • Great tips! Instant film should go in the carry on, too, if you are bringing it. (I highly recommend an instant camera, especially if you travel with kids. It is great for travel journalers, too.)

  • Great tips! Wherever possible I try to only bring a carry on anyway but for longer trips it’s not always possible!

  • Great tips! I just happened to have posted a similar post yesterday, however listing down things that most travellers forget to pack! Maybe you might want to consider reading it for some new items on your packing list 🙂 – Thanks a lot and happy travelling!

  • I also posted a travel essentials! I think we’re itching to go somewhere:) well at least I am! I like how I’m a much more experienced packer now than I was a few years ago. heres mine.

  • Great tips, have book marked this blog now for checklist !
    thanks for sharing

  • Nice list, always good to share theses lists and make sure to bring everything we might need

  • Great list of things to pack! I have never tried compression socks, though so many swear by them. Maybe I’ll give them a try!

  • Great list of essentials. I will think about expandable carry on bag. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great tips! I definitely agree with everything on your list. I like to also bring snacks hehe I always tend to get hungry on planes ?

  • OmniyaFareed
    1 year ago

    I love this alot, you have added really important essentials that everyone should add in their suitcase.

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