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Maldives villa

How to plan a dream trip to the Maldives & stay in an over water villa

Maldives is the type of destination that’s on everyone’s bucket list. This magnificent archipelago has some of the world’s best...

hammock Maldives view paradise

6 Ways Traveling Can Change Your Life Forever

Traveling can be one of the most addicting things you can ever get hooked to in your life. Once that...

Travel to Bali with The Jetsetter Diaries – JSD Journeys

Travel to Bali with The Jetsetter Diaries – JSD Journeys

Want to travel to Bali with The Jetsetter Diaries? Join the first group trip in July to my all time...

Zanzibar absolute paradise

20 photos that prove Zanzibar is absolute paradise

Planning your next island holiday? There are so many off the beaten track beach destinations in Africa that are probably not...

Grand Canyon, Arizona

2 girls traveling the world by teaching

We are  Being two lifelong friends with the same passion for helping others and seeing the world, we thought what could be...

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